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Resident DJ at El Toro

Deejay Yazz D'Loco

A self taught DJ from 16, Yazz listened to many early house DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Fabio, Mr C and Richie Fingers and tuning into radio stations such as Center force and the pirate station Kiss Fm late into night, even building giant antenna in the loft to pick up far away signals. He was always keen to focus his ears to specific music styles. 

From chasing the endless in house music from year 2001 was the starting point that made Yazz set up his music career and finally spread his message around the world.



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el toro restaurant and lunge bar in Arusha, Tanzania. Best DJ in arusha, Tanzania

Over the years, Yazz gained experience in the music business and has benefited him and all those around him. A successful DJ, Re-mixer and Event Designer. 

Yazz has recently been entertaining audiences for exclusive VIP parties and corporate events in the UAE, and now he is concentrating his efforts on new productions and music consultancy in Tanzania. 

With vast experience as a professional DJ, his sessions are marked by creativity and originality, combining classical themes with recent releases, in a search for a positive and contagious energy on the dance floor.

Music Production

El toro

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